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Summer Party Tips For Your Pets in Care Free


Summer is the perfect time to throw a party. Why not invite your furry friends?


It's easier than you think—as long as you have the right tools. We've put together some tips and game ideas to help you make sure your pet-friendly party is a blast for everyone involved!


Games For Dogs To Do at Summer Party in Care Free

Dogs love to play games and they're especially fond of ones they can do with their humans. When you're looking for games for dogs to do at summer parties, we recommend keeping things casual—your dog will appreciate being able to relax between rounds and probably won't last too long doing anything stressful.


Here are our top three picks for games for dogs to do at summer parties:

Hide and Seek

Hide some treats around the house, then call them with a whistle. When they find where they are hiding, give them a treat!

Tug o' War

Tugging on an old rope or towel is fun for dogs because they love to play tug o' war! Just make sure you don't let go until the dog gives up. Otherwise he might think it's a game and keep trying to pull the rope away from you!


Grab an old tennis ball or Frisbee in one hand and show it to your dog. Then throw it across the yard as hard as you can. Your dog should chase after it and bring it back so that he can do it again over and over again!


Summer Party Tips

Summer is the best time to throw a party, but it's also the worst time to invite your pet.

If you don't want Fido or Fluffy to get left out of your summer bash, we've got some tips for you!


  1. Make sure your pets are healthy and well-groomed before inviting them to the party. They might have fleas, ticks, or other parasites that could be passed on to other guests.
  2. Keep the guest list short—only one or two other animals at most. The more animals there are in close proximity, the greater chance for illness or injury between them!
  3. Don't let any of the animals drink from the same bowl—they could get sick from each other's saliva! Instead, give each pet their own bowl of water and food so they don't have to share germs with each other.
  4. Check on your pets throughout the night as often as possible so they don't get bored or lonely while you're busy mingling with friends and family members!


We believe in family.

At Carefree Pet Resort, your dog or cat is a member of our extended family. Your pets will be treated like family — and so will you! Our staff is made up of highly trained pet care professionals who are passionate about their jobs, so you can rest assured that your dog or cat will be in excellent hands while in our care.

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